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New Muslim Network Wales Cymru am Byth

In the name of God; The most Gracious, the most Compassionate



Organising Events

Supporting Converts

Basic Knowledge

Working with community's

New Muslim Network Wales was established in 2001 with the following objectives:

To be the first point of contact for potential converts to Islam in Wales.

Providing information to new Muslims.

Social gatherings for all members of the group.

Interaction with Welsh based trained Islamic scholars.

Hosting educational and social events.

New Muslim Network Wales informs the wider community about Islam by using our unique position as converts to Islam to act as bridge builders.

Our objective is to dispel myths among the Muslim Community and Non Muslim Community's of Wales to help create a fair & just Welsh society, with a rich & diverse culture.

New Muslim Network Wales is not affiliated to any other group or organisation, but we do welcome working on projects with other like-minded Muslim or Non Muslim organisations.

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